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The Gambling Commission explained that: “Some of the games you can play online might look like gambling but do not meet the legal definition. They may involve a game of chance for a prize and may use gambling mechanics such as cards or dice but, crucially from a narrow legal perspective, if the prize is not money or money’s worth, they are not gambling under UK legislation.”

The Commission commissioned a scoping review of social gaming to assess the potential risks. Based on this review, it concluded that there was no “persuasive case”446 to move from its present position of keeping a ‘watching brief’ on social gaming. The Commission gave two reasons for this decision

Netherlands Gaming Authority, A study by the Netherlands Gaming Authority has shown: Certain loot boxes contravene gaming laws (19 April 2018): Chapter 3, paragraphs Gambling Commission, ‘Social Gaming. “While the data suggests that, in general, the vast majority of people who play social games spend very modest amounts of time and money, there is clearly a very small group who spend significant amounts.

However, it is likely that this group is not sufficiently large to justify any form of additional regulatory intervention. While playing social games does not appear to be harmful in itself (for the vast majority of players) we are much less clear on whether in some circumstances it leads on to, or causes, more harmful behaviours.”


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