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Qimisola is an integrated part of our family life. It’s a name that consists of the initials of all four of us (Qi, Mikkel, Soren, Lars). And in Italian, to make a sentence, it becomes "Qui è mia isola" (= Here is my oasis). 


The logo is in a shape of a shield integrating all the cultural elements we carry. The zodiac symbols of the birth years of our sons (the snake and the rabbit in Chinese astrology), the yin & yang duality for Qi’s Chinese origin, and the red & white colors for Lars Greenlandic & Danish flags. 

Qimisola's message is simple:


A glass of good wine is transformational. Even the most unimaginable relationship is possible and enjoyable with the presence of love!            

Qimisola logo
Mi and So got a flavor of wine making
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