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Vines have been growing on the steep hills of our land next to our property for generations. Barbera was planted there more than a hundred years ago. Being on the top of the Bricco and facing south west,  the vineyard enjoys not only the sun for most of the day, but also the cooling winds blowing up through the Tinella valley.

Due to the neglegence by the previous owner of the vineyard, we have taken it into intensive care as soon as we acquired it.  We were able to salvage some of the old vines on top of the Bricco and these 50 to 100 years old vines now makes some of the highest quality concentrated barbera wines. 


We chose to replant a part of the vineyard with Gamba de Pernice.  This historical grape from the area around Calosso including Bionzo generates well-structured wines with a great fragrance. This ancient and nearly forgotten grape was brought back to life by a handful of growers in our neighborhood and we feel proud to be part of that endeavor.  

Qimisola vineyard

Qimisola vineyard

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