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Pinot Nero Red

Our new release in 2023 - Red wine made from pinot nero grapes. Old world style pinot with elegant tanins.

"Gianbabbeo" - "the Clumsy Hans", is one of the Hans Christian Anderson's tale. It tells that one ordinary guy who is even a bit clumsy. Through a series of unexpected events, but mostly how he has turned those experiences into humorous stories, he ultimately proves himself to be clever and resourceful, ultimately win the heart of the princess.

Although our Pinot Nero hails not from its original birthplace in Burgundy, we believe it has the power to captivate hearts with its innate beauty and simplicity. Another significant reason for this naming is Lars' desire to pay homage to his dear friend, Hans Christian, an extraordinary winemaker who once owned a winery in Burgundy and later also created a winery adventure in Denmark. In the art of crafting our Pinot Nero, Lars draws upon Hans Christian's resourcefulness. "The Clumsy Hans" serves as a tribute to their cherished friendship and shared devotion to the craft of winemaking.


 Click here to read more about the stories and how we name our wines.  Download here for the technical data sheet of Gianbabbeo


Vintage:                                       2021

Grape variety:                             100 % Pinot nero

Production:                                  1500 bottles

Average yield per ha:                 4500 kgs

Bottle size:                                    75cl



Color:                                            Medium ruby red

Bouquet:                                       Blackberry and bilberry fruit, with a hint of cherry brandy and a touch of liquorice.

Taste:                                             Balanced ripe red fruit and a delicate tannic structure 

Evolution:                                       2-10 years

Alcohol content/pH level:           12.8% / 3.6

Total acidity/Sugar content:       4.9 / 1.8

Serving temperature:                  15-18 Celsius


Location :                                      Bionzo, Costiglioled’Asti

Special characteristics:              South west exposure

Soil type:                                       Calcareous clay

Age of vines:                                 8 years

Training system:                           Guyot

Average altitude:                          300 meters above sea level

Vineyard size:                                0.3 ha

Farming:                                        Biological, no herbicides used.

Wine making

Time of harvest:                           Early September 2021

Cellar:                                            Az. Agricola Qimisola, Bionzo

Fermentation:                               Alcoholic (5 days) and malo-lactic
                                                       fermentations in stainless steel tanks 

Aging:                                           50% as 6 months new French oak barriques then 5 month in steel tanks, 50% in used French oak barriques for 11 months

Bottling:                                         August 2022

Release:                                         August 2023

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