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The Nightingale

L'Usignolo (the Nightingale)
Calosso DOC, Gamba di Pernice

 An elegant, smooth wine with a fragrant nose.  One of the oldest Piedmontese varieties.

Taste profile: Sensations- the first impression of the wine is its renowned fragrance. Just like the name Nightingale indicates, it has an elegant, complex nose. The gustatory softness is balanced with the verve of acidity and a fraction of tannins, perfectly wrapped in a soft and persuasive black cherry pulp. Finally, hints of dark chocolate that amplify the expressive roundness of the wine with consistency. 

The Name: "L'Usignolo (the Nightingale)",  is one of Hans Christian Anderson's tale. Click here to read more about the stories and how we name our wines. Click here to read the Wikipedia page Lars has contributed. 

The versatility allows this wine to accompany an entire multi-course meal with e.g. cured meats, hearty pasta dishes, red or white meat mains and cheeses. 




Denomination:                            Calosso DOC 

Vintage:                                       2019

Grape variety:                             100 % Gamba di Pernice (Gamba rosso)

Production:                                 600 bottles

Average yield per ha:                1800 kgs

Bottle size:                                  75cl


Color:                                           Garnet ruby red

Bouquet:                                      Aromas of violet and spices, balsamic notes

Taste:                                            Full-bodied with notes of dark chocolate and red fruits.

Evolution:                                     10-15 years

Alcohol content/pH level:           14.6%/3.8

Total acidity/Sugar content:        4.7/2.5 grams per liter

Serving temperature:                  18-20 Celsius

Recommended glass:                 Syrah/Shiraz type


Location :                                      Bionzo, Costiglioled’Asti

Special characteristics:                Southwest exposure, top of the ridge

Soil type:                                       Calcareous clay

Age of vines:                                 5 years

Training system:                            Guyot

Average altitude:                          300 meters above sea level

Vineyard size:                                0.3 ha

Farming:                                        Sustainable, biological vineyard manage

Wine making process

Time of harvest:                            29 September, 2019

Cellar:                                            Az. Agricola Qimisola, Bionzo

Fermentation:                               Alcoholic (12 days) and malo-lactic
                                                       fermentations in stainless steel tanks 

Aging:                                            20 months in new medium toast French oak barrels. Transfer to stainless steel vats for 1 month before bottling

Bottling:                                        March 2021, aging in bottle for an additional 6 months

Release:                                       September 2021

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