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The Winery

Lars always had dream to create his own wines. Being a fermentation engineer by education and working for the world largest producer of wine yeast and ingredients, the winery of course had to be built to the highest standards and using the best equipments.


Our processing ensures gentle treatments of the grapes from the moment of harvest until the bottle. We don’t want heavy and excessive handling of the grapes in large piles. This is to avoid crushing of the grapes, oxidation of flavors, or flavor contamination by flies. Instead the grapes are handpicked gently and selectively put on small trays and carried individually to the winery. Here they are gently crushed and processed fast with high hygiene standard and sufficient cooling. This is to ensure that the natural flavors are extracted from the grapes and kept, while the harsh and bitter tannins from the seeds and stems are left behind to give well-rounded, concentrated wines.  

Most of wines are aged in old wood barrels in the cellar for a year or more. The old cellar dug into the hill under the property provides the perfect natural condition for the time the wine will spend in the wooden barrels to concentrate further while the fruit acids and tannins round off.  

Qimisola wine making

Qimisola wine making

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