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Dream of a garden terrace

It has been Qi's dream to turn the steep slope around the vinery from an "acacia jungle" into a garden terrace with fruit trees, nut trees, olive trees (if it can grow here), vegetable and herbs for daily cooking. Dreaming about a huge variety of plants and flowers with alternating blossoms in different seasons, a little eco-system for bees and butterflies, birds and snails, some hideaway places for reading a book or perhaps just sit and enjoy the sunset...

So this year, partly driven by Qi's desire, but perhaps largely driven by our annoyance with the thorny acacia trees growing out of control on our slope, we think we are ready to take on this "giant garden" project.

After the design phase, the most important work is to prepare the ground. Our neighbour Roberto comes in very handy with his excavators and all the professional skills. So our jungle slope has transformed in his hands .

After the extreme dry year last year, the soil was so hard to dig. "So hard as rock" says our Roberto..

The first platform is taking shape nicely. Still more to go...

Well, the result is pretty amazing, also aligned better with the vineyard. Just wait till they are covered with all the plants and flowers!

A photo from a bit further away. where you see our renovated warehouse building with the light brown doors left,. Now just need to wait till the autumn to make it all green & lively !

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