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Hallo spring

Finally, the sign of growth is in the air. After pruned the roses in the garden, the major task of getting the whole vineyard prepared for growth began...

This year Simon suggested us to try a new way of pruning for the young plants in order to be more resilient for the summer disease (according to Simone-our vineyard adviser, the new way of pruning leaves one more back up branch, also the cut surface will be smaller than the traditional pruning method hence the less chance for infection of bacteria and fungi for the plants).

As we have bought our neighbour's house and the vineyard, the job is expanded to take care of this extra land too.

As the Italian put it :" if you are a farmer, you job is never done! In fact, there is no begin, there is no end, it's just the completion of the cycle one after another, following the nature's rhythm...

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