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2020 (and 2021) vintage in the bottles

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

7000 bottles are filled with the 2020 vintages of il Babbo, i Fratelli and l'Usignolo as well as with the newcomer to the Qimisola wine family: our 2021 Gianbabbeo (Klods Hans). The bottles will then rest and mature in our new temperature-controlled warehouse for at least 6 months before they are labelled, packed and ready to be released.

The 2020 vintage has turned out nicely, with a high level of concentration while still well-balanced wines. We look forward to sharing them with you next year!

Curious about Gianbabbeo? it is our first red wine made from Pinot Nero, inspired by my long-time friend and fellow winemaker in Bourgogne, Hans Christian Ambjerg. It turned out to the winemakers' satisfaction: an elegant, "cool" style with all the exciting notes of the pinot Nero grape. It will enjoy 1-2 years in the bottle mature before we will release Gianbabbeo.

All the wines are now stored at our new temperature-controlled warehouse we built in the building next door. In a hot summer like this is crucial for a balanced bottle ageing of the wine.

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