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Qimisola Oasis

Imagine when the first beam of sun leaks through the curtain. You wake up, go to the window, and see the green vineyard extending before your eyes. A soft "good morning" rises from your heart. With a coffee still in hand, you walk out the door. The once jungle-bush-covered hill has been transformed into a fully blooming terrace, with bushes, flowers, ornamental grasses, and fruit trees standing on wild meadows. Bees and butterflies dance around the colorful blossoms. Lavenders and jasmine generously emit their natural fragrances. Birds sing in nearby trees. Just as you close your eyes to sense all the joys around you, one or two walnuts fall from the tree above you. Your eyes open, and you realize that the figs on the nearby tree are still green but starting to show their first purple hue....

All of the above were my imagined scenes two years ago (See the post when we began). And here I am, two years later, in my real summer oasis. I like to walk silently around, getting lost on the hill terrace, discovering each day a new flower has opened, some new buds have appeared, and other blossoms have withered by the end of their life cycle. The small apples and peaches are lovely jewels decorating the branches, yet after just a hailstorm, they become the home for insects and wasps. It's nature, full of surprises. And yet, beautiful as one's decline may feed into another's rise.

Though there is still a great deal to be done, the droplets of joy accumulate every day. Time here is not an enemy but a friend. As the Italians say, "piano piano"—slowly, slowly—this will be my ever-green garden "sculpturing" project.

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