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A day before the "lock down"

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Last week Saturday, just one day before Italy went into lock down, we were at Qimisola, fully enjoying the early spring day while the above video was taken. On Sunday morning following the announcement from the Italian government to fully lock down the whole Lombardia and several surrounding zones, we drove on an empty highway, unsure whether or not we can make back to our other home in Lugano. We made it!

The spring goes on, while the whole world since then has turned upside down. Just two days later, Italy announced the lock down for the whole country, to prevent the Cronavirus further spread without knowing yet how much damage will unfold in the days to come.

By now only a week later, Italy has become epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, possible even soon overtaking China’s number of cases and death tolls. And the whole world is in war with the Cronavirus. The internet is filled with anything between panic to attempts of soothing moral boost, from conspiracies to the statistics as us humans try hard to make sense of these invisible enemies. But when the self-quarantine stopped all the travels and halted our pace of life, the warmth and the blossoms from the spring remind us the long forgotten saying: even the darkness has its dark ending. In the endurance, lies the seed of life and its strength; solidarity and hope.

It will be a while before we can return to enjoy our beloved vineyards. But our mind and heart is with Italy, our Italian friends, and our friends in Italy....

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