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"At the end of the career, lies a vineyard"

On 21 June, Danish newspaper Borsen published a full two page featured story based on an interview with Lars. It's about his personal story how he had pursued his passion next to a career, but also very much a story how we build the Qimisola, what does it take to make the dream come true.

Lars during interview @ Copenhagen restaurant Era Ora

I still remember it all started with a seed, a wish of Lars to make wines (I call it "mid life crisis". Some men go for cars, some, like the one I know, go for vineyards :- ). At his 50's, we started the vineyard hunting. The "mock up" bottle I made for Lars' 50's birthday still stand on top of our fireplace. It has transformed in these few years into a nice family logo, featuring Soren and Mikkel's zodiac signs (rabbit and snake), telling a tale that a good bottle of wine can make any impossible-to -imagine relationship sweet. And Lars passion and talent of making wines has seen nice fruits - high quality, good tasting, exciting wines that often brings him the pride and joy to share with the others.

And all these wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't put a lot of work and actions to realise it. I remember the first property in Piemonte for sell we visited. It was an American Italian gentleman with his American wife. They have been living in the Barbaresco region making Barbaresco wines for a decade. But they decided to sell the property for going back to USA to be close to the grand children and families. I can imagine it must has been a torn for the man. I recall we asked about his advice for us as the beginner for the same adventure. He said:" Start early. Don't wait till you are retired to do what you love to do. It takes time for you to see the result of your efforts and at my age (mid of seventies), it feels too old to undertake and enjoy fully". I think the coin has fallen since then, and despite Lars has a full-time job, and I have my own coaching ventures, but we are together for this joint project: me taking care of the vineyards, and him the "cellar master", have somehow made it work.

If there is a will, there is a way isn't it? The way is not always so clear at the start, but looking back after walking and often stumbling through, it's crystal clear :-)

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