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Family teamwork

With the 2018 Fratelli sold out by the end of last year, we have been eagerly waiting for the 2019 vintage to round off its final aging in bottle step to be released. During the Easter week, finally, it comes the moment.

With the Danish family, all gathered in Italy, we have been able to put the family members into action. But perhaps only in this fashion will it match the true Italian winemaking, that the real joy, next to the great tasting wines as a result, also lies in doing it together as a family!

Three generations in one team, we worked hard to get 4000 bottles with their "jackets" and DOCG labels on and in the box. We worked so hard, and the next day everyone said that every piece of muscle was crying for massage.

Now the wines are stacked up neatly in the temperature-controlled warehouse, waiting to meet those who know how to appreciate them.

And for Asferg families, the best reward for ourselves is to enjoy the bottle of Qimisola wines in the evening by the fireplace after a day's hard work!

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