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Harvest Joy

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

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This week, our region entered the season of harvest. Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot Nero are the ones that go first. Our Pinot Nero has reached their optimal, lower sugar level to be used for sparkling wine. Despite the unprecedented drought our Pinot Nero grapes seem to suffer the least with the vineyard facing west and located at the wettest part of the hill. The quantity and qualities are very similar to the last year. The Pinot Nero is a versatile grape type and last year we made red wine while this year we are going like in 2020 to make the La Sirenetta (Little Mermaid) sparkling Rosato Methodo Classico, so using the classical "Champagne" two-step fermentation method.

Every year during harvest time Soren and Mikkel participate and we see their skills improve!

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