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The "flagship" of Qimisola - 2016 Barbera di Asti Superiore in bottles

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

In the middle of the summer holiday, when the whole italy is going to the beach, our 2016 wines are getting ready to emerge from our underground cellar.

Lars is moving the wines from barrique to the tank

The sky is blue, the neighbourhood is quiet, and the Italian luna calendar has said "yes" to the bottling. It's amazing that Italian wine farmers all still follow the lunar calendar for do's and don'ts of the important event relating to the wines. On that aspect, except for the rice (risotto) and noodles(spagetti), it's another similarity with China.

Passing on the belt with a magnificent view, they are probably the "happiest" wines in the world.

3000 bottles. Of which 1800 are going to be our "i fratelli" (the Brothers), while the other 1200 are the top quality Barbera di Asti produced from our old vines with the best top hill location, hand selected and matured in the new French oak barriques for more than 20 months...

They will stay in bottle for at least 3 more months before getting "dressed", and thereafter probabably a few more months before the real "debut". Some lucky ones will get a taste of them before this Christmas :-)

Of course, our black label flagship Barbera di Asti will need a name. From the Anderson fairy tale, we found the one that can be a best fit to this wine - "il babbo" - "the father", or "What the old man does is always right". :-)

2016 "il babbo" and "i fratelli" Barbera d'Asti superiore DOCG to be released in December.

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